Day 1, NM113 to the outdoors bedroom, about 14 miles give or take a rock or two

And here we go. Looks exciting, eh?

See, it got even better! Really scenic stuff, right?

The very first question here is why in the world do we have to climb up and over this particular bunch of rocks? Well in reality you didn't. If you look at the picture to the left, that notch in the small range of hills on the right side of the picture is what we are now going to climb up and across. Was it required by the terrain? HARDLY. It would have been much more reasonable, and not much further, to circle around the very close end of that hill. I can just hear the CDT planners, "HA. That'll get 'em. Up and over guys!

A look back to the top of the hill we just 'conquered'. Not exactly Mt. Everest is it?

It was late in the PM, and since this was the only tree for the foreseeable future, decided to stop here and whomp up some dinner. Dinner over it was an exercise of the will to venture out of the shade again to the hot trail.

Those rocks look far off, but as it turns out, there was a water stop ahead, and a lot more climbing before bedtime