Trudging on from the outdoors bedroom to Lordsburg City
were we glad to get there? Ya gotta ask?

What I was aiming for here was a picture of the mountain. The rest of the picture does, however, inadvertently sum up the quality of the 'trail' at this point.

I never can pass up a picture of a pretty rock

We were climbing up and across just one more ill-placed mountain. But there was, at least, one tree up ahead that provided a place to stop for breakfast

The picture was taken after a long stop in the shade provided by the water cache box down in the flat between the hills. (the only shade, incidentally, for the next 400 miles) After a long rest break, we climbed up a long approach to a hill only to find this at the top. It brought to mind the scene in the movie Homeward Bound, where Shadow, the dog, has motored off to 'Go Home', and the other two, Chance the Dog and Sassy the cat have followed him. They get up to the top of this hill where Shadow had implied that home was on the other side, and all you could see was trees/mountains to infinity. The cat noted, "Ohhh Shadow...", which in cat language means, 'What kind of blithering idiot are you! That doesn't look like home to me!'

And as in Homeward Bound, what followed was hill after hill after hill, up and down and up and down until less than a mile from Lordsburg. They are hard to see in these pictures because they are quite small, but the little white CDT signs to off into the distance pointing the way to the next hill, and the next hill after that.

This one was especially unwelcome. Does it look steep to you? IT WAS. On the PCT (the Pacific Crest Trail) this one would have switchbacks. It is indelibly clear that the two trails are built/conceptualized from very different standpoints.

This not what you call 'Home Free'. Every hill in this picture had to be summited, including quite a few that you can't see after the last one that you can see in this picture.