Top of the trail before starting down into the drainage

The view ahead from the top of the trail

What a good thunderstorm can do. All of this was washed down by the approximately 2ft wide creek underneath. As you can see it wasn't 2ft wide during the storm runoff.

The 2022 monsoon season left a whole lot of growth/grasses in its wake.

From the bottom of the drainage & creek, the trail goes up a short ways to an excellent camping spot.
The lens on my camera can never pass up an interesting or pretty geologic feature.

This little creek always has at least some trickle at this point, but this year, due to the previously mentioned monsoon, the water was exceptionally strong.

The view from the trail/drainage.

Maxie considers it his obligation to taste-sample every section of the creek.

A miner's cabin from the gold rush days. If you could see the inside of this structure, you could see what my ever-so-eco-conscious trail warriors do to a structure like this. My brother is a ...
As the trail begins its climb out of the drainage.

A last look at the creek.

The somewhat long slog up to the top of the trail.