Little Whitewater Creek trail begins at a point about 1 mile up Little Whitewater Creek road. It is a somewhat steep
trail at the beginning, but after 1/4 mile or so of climbing, it comes out on a beautiful mesa, and follows that for
another mile. Eventually, it climbs over Nabours Mountain and descends into the South Fork Whitewater Creek drainage
and provided you have the energy, travels to Whitewater Creek, then up the Gold Dust Trail to Whitewater Mesa, where
hopefully your ride is waiting. :-)

On its way up to the top of the mesa.

Looking back at the San Francisco Mountains/Drainage and eventually, Arizona.

Almost to the mesa.
The mesa

The Whitewater Mesa, home to a couple of airstrips, among other things
Looking north, more or less. Towards NE Arizona

Maxie heads to the beginning of the end of the mesa

On the way to the descent off the mesa

Steep trail down from the mesa.

A last look at this area of the Gila NF