2016 Hiking, Events

First Event in 2016
Will be an attempt to nullify my recent prostate cancer uprising. Hasn't spread, but the fly on the wall says "Get rid of it. So now it's gone!

1st Close Fire of 2016

Close to the 'Hilltop', and on top of the pass to get back to the drainage we live in

Knapp Lakes Area

2nd hike of season, and a real unadulterated grunt to boot!

Jennie Lake

1st Hike w Damien Grout

Black Lake, Emerald & Six Lakes

Pioneer Fire
Finally Contained,11- 2016

Laurel Falls, Tennessee
(Trip Time!)

Trip to Flytrip Lakes
SW Sawtooths

Flytrip Lakes
Trying Again

SW Sawtooths Again
Looking for Gear

Bernard Lk, BV HS
Farley Lake

Winter 2016-2017

Winter 2016-17
The Sequel