Red Mountain/Cat Lakes
September 12-14, 2007

In spite of the fact that I visited Red Mountain lakes last year, I was interested to see how extensive the fire damage
was after last year's destructive Red Mountain fire which started after I was there

Amazinly, the fire seems to have spared the majority of the lakes in this area, and reserved most of its damage
for the Bear Valley at large. We examined all of the lakes with the exception of Lake7678, the furthest east of the Cat
lakes. It is reasonable to assume from the fire pictures that I took, that it got the wrath visited upon it, but
we failed to get down that far to see for sure. And since a lot of the lakes have no names/altitudes associated with them, I have placed a Topo graphic at the bottom of the page with the altitudes that I gleaned from my Topo! software.

Unfortunately, the multiplicity of Idaho's 2007 fires have created smoke/haze conditions that make picture-taking
definitely sub-optimal. The traditional mountain blue sky necessary for great pictures is lost in the haze & smoke.

I decided to again separate the different pictures into sections. It seems a little clearer that way.

Lake 8262
Our camping location for this trip.

Lake 8106
The Middle Red Mtn Lake

Lake 7800
The lowest Red Mtn Lake
Didn't visit here. But it also was spared the fire.

Lake 7860
The southernmost Cat lake

Lake 7940
North of 7924
No pictures here. A fairly marshy lake working on becoming a meadow.

The Red Mountain fire sequence pictures