Bear Valley Hot Spring
My favorite location, my favorite time of year!

There are two source hot springs in this area. #1 is not quite as hot as #2, and only feeds the river.
The other, #2, at it's source at the top of the hill, is hotter than blue blazes. The algae will tell you
the general temperature of the spring. Those that are the hottest, near boiling, have black algae at
the source. Those that are 130 degress or so in that area, are red, orange or brown. Notably, #1 has no
distinctive color to speak of... #2 is reddish to brown.

The pool at this site, runs at a fairly constant 100-103 degrees. The temperature will depend to somce
degree on the amount of fresh water that comes out of a spring just about the input to the main pool.
Consequently, in the fall, when the spring is more or less non-existent, the pool runs a little hotter. It
is always wonderful no matter what the temperature.

The River runs at the 'temperature' of raging! It is called a creek, but it is the largest 'creek' I have ever
seen. If it was called a river, it would still be a 'large' river.

The Rock: just another granite outcropping in an area where there isn't much observable granite. But
with a lot of neat vegetation growing out of the different parts of the rock.

Contact: The Hiker... or the Goats!