Hiking the Eagle Cap!
Maybe for the last time, at least with goats.

OK. So where's Day 1 through Day 3 you ask? Glad you asked! Despite my best efforts to align my entry into this area with the weather prognosticator's prognostication of great weather, he lied. In a major way. In spite of his promise for Sun, continued mostly Sun, the afternoon of Day 2 was rain, no not rain, a noachin deluge. Day 3, cloudy late afternoon, another deluge. The tarps got a major workout.

Afternoon of Day 2 I was forced to throw the tarp up in the middle of the trail, where goats and hiker huddled underneath for at least 1-1/2 hours, possibly more. Interesting how you never have to carefully explain to the goats what the tarp is for. They are trying to crowd under it before it is really up. Not so dumb, eh?

Then, magically, things cleared up, we hiked to Douglas Lake, threw up the tarp again, and made plans to RON this location. Then, mother nature, you know 'bout her, right? It began to look bright, even looked like it might clear off. Shazam! So took the tarp down, again, and headed off for Razz Lake, the original intended destination.

As soon as we were definitely commited to Razz, guess what it began to do... again. Right. As if I was not wet enough already! I should have stopped and completly outfitted the hiker and the goats with the appropriate rain gear, but no, the hiker with no brain kept thinking, maybe it won't get any worse. And as Bill Cosby said in one of his early routines, 'Never challenge WORSE'. Would you be shocked if I told you it did. That is, get worse.

Eventually arrived at Razz. This time the goats were not waiting for the dipstick hiker to put up the tarp, they quickly found a copse of well-sheltered trees, and all crowded tightly into this small area. They looked like commuters in a small elevator.

Day 3 dawned threatening in a big way, but other than hurricane force winds, nothing much happened until after we arrived at Moccasin Lake, our RON for this day. Wisely (at least now and then I do something that falls into that category) I made getting up the tarp a priority, and just as soon as I got it securely up, the first of the 40 days and 40 nights of rain began. At least that's the way it seemed at the time. This time I got out the camp chair and settled in for the long haul. After a couple of hours or so the rain let off, and I hurried to put up the tent. I no more than entered into my home away from home, than the deluge began again, and continued well into the night. Notice that there is nothing said here about dinner. There wasn't one.

Day 4 dawned, and we finally had, SUN!! Blessing #2 was that the campsite at Moccasin Lake was on a slab of granite, so all the stuff that was wet, which was nearly everything, got set out to dry, and the humidity in the local area went up a couple of notches from just the water in all my camp gear.

The hike could now go back to the original plan, and so after a drying-out period, off we go for Glacier Lake and beyond.

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