Sleeping Deer Lakes Area!
Another hike in Idaho... notice I did not say, Another 'grand hike'. This one was, however, with Matt Lyon, goat gear guy (

The trailhead for this area is at the end of about 40 miles of sometimes butt-ugly road. And as guide author, Ralph Maughan says, sometimes it is also paint-scratch thin... and it was! And with
nothing on the other side of you but imagination. This one has been on my 'bucket list' ever since a past acquaintence raved ad naseum about how it was just about heaven on earth. I can
only imagine what she was waxing poetic about, as this is about the biggest 'ZERO' that I have worked like mad to see in Idaho. Most of the lakes are swampy and shallow, and the two
that I saw that weren't, one was rapidly going back to be a meadow, and the other was so turbid that you'd think it could support plankton eaters. We need to truck one in to clean it up.

Sleeping Deer, Day 1

Sleeping Deer, Day 2

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