Queens River Loop
This is one that I have wanted to do for some time, but since it promised to be kind of a
long one, it had to have a fairly big time slot to accomodate it. So I gave it the first month
of August this year. Why August? Because in Idaho August can always be counted on to
be severe clear and sunny. Right? Welcome to lightning central. On this trip, which eventually
got cut short due to the horrid weather, I was exposed to more lightning than I have been
since I have been in Boise. One morning, about 7 days in, after being subjected to 3 completly
different waves of extreme lightning/thunder in the same night, I consulted the Oracle.
He said, "Larry, get out of Dodge." So I did. Which means another trip, at another time,
hopefully with better bloody weather!

Queens Rvr TH to Lower Scenic Lake

Scenic Lake to Lake 8375

Lake 8375 to Lake 8901

Lake 8901 to Browns Lake

Triangle-Diamond Lakes

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