White Clouds Hike -- August 2008
This hike was 2 years in the 'want-to-do' category. I had originally planned on doing it
the year I retired (2006), but various pieces of life got in the way and it didn't materialize
until now. However it was definitely worth waiting for as the White Clouds is a spectacular
area, completely different in character from the Sawtooths on the other side of the valley.
One of the things that surprised me the most is that although there were areas that were very
dry, it was predominantly wet. In other words, there was water popping up all over the
place. In several cases, the water just emerged as a creek flowing out of the side of the
hill. In many others, there were verdant green meadows that had to be getting a drink
from an underground source. It will be worth visiting again at a future date.

Another note: the records/pictures of my other hikes are all on a place basis. This one is
chronological in nature, as it seemed more appropriate since this was a 10-day, end to
end adventure.

On Way to Born Lakes

On Way to 4 Lakes Basin

Four Lakes Basin

On Way to Quiet Lake

Quiet Lake

Chamberlain Basin to TH

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